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The difference between a ratchet wrench with torque wrench
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1 a manual screw tightening tool, single head, double headed multi standardmovable handle ratchet spanner (fixed hole). Are connected by different specifications of main quincunx sleeve and a hinged key from the Yin and Yang of plum blossom sleeve button key occlusal way. As a result of a plum blossom sleevehas two specifications of the plum blossom shaped through holes, so that it can be used for two kinds of specification screw tightness, which enlarges the range of use, saves raw material and man hour cost. A movable handle can be conveniently adjusted spanner angle. The spanner for screw tightness of the operation, has the advantages of strong applicability, convenient operation and low costcharacteristics.

2 - also known as torque wrench torque wrench or torque wrench, torque is theforce and the distance of the product, the need to control the size of the momentapplied in fastening screw bolt nut threaded fasteners, to ensure that the thread fastening and not as a result of excessive damage thread torque, so use the torque wrench to operate. First set a required torque value upper limit, when the appliedtorque reaches the set value, the wrench will issue a "Kata" sound or wrench bend at the joint of a point, this representative has fastening don't afterburner.

3 the difference between them lies in the torque wrench, torque can be set.

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