1. Floating hotel, Sweden
In this hotel guests can work and live in an interesting way, enjoying food and drink, and sleep to the sound of the waves.


2. Sand Hotel, England
The first hotel in the world of sand on the beach in Weymouth, Dorset.


3. Jungle hotels, Mexico
Hotel rooms with a safe hiding in the jungle, is located near the village of Yelapa, Mexico.


4. Ice Hotel in Canada
Just one Hotel in ice ans snow


5. Capsule Hotel in Japan
Modern hotel where the room is limited to the size of a block of plastic with enough space to sleep.


6. Hotels in the bunker for survival, Netherlands
This hotel is anchored in a bunker in Amsterdam.


7. Hotels in the cave, Turkey
They offer a fantastic atmosphere and perfectly exotic


8. Air Hotel, Sweden
Now you can spend the night sleeping on board and fly.


9. Wooden Hotel, India
Refuge in the jungle, offering a wonderful life experience.


10. Hotels in prison in Germany
This hotel offer guests the experience of prison, but you can run anytime.


 11. Underwater Hotel, Fiji
The world’s first underwater hotel is located on a private island in Fiji. This hotel offers an adventure with luxury accommodations.


and so on………….. Let me know which is your favorite……

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  1. wouldn’t mind a wee humping in the big plane one x W.P.

    white power and gay freedom

  2. 8. Air Hotel, Sweden
    Now you can spend the night sleeping on board and fly.

    Wouldn’t it be cheaper to operate that hotel if the plane just stayed on the ground? What is the advantage of flying when everyone is asleep? Seems strange to me.

  3. i think your blog is good

  4. I am a retarrt

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