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There’s a varied week ahead for all of the major economies, and it’s going to be a particularly essential time for the US as the end of the week sees an increasing volume of big economic events. Here, we’ll briefly examine happenings in the UK, Asia and US.

We are due a very quiet week in the UK. The dominant events over the next few days come in the form of emerging PMI figures. These are released on Wednesday with the announcement of the Manufacturing PMI figure. A rise will likely occur, from 48.3 to 48.6. While it’s nice to see that, there will only be a major reaction in the market if sharp changes happen at either end of the scale. Also, the Construction PMI is also due on Thursday, which is predicted to rise from 47.2 to 48.2; not massive and still well below that 50 expansion threshold.

Interestingly enough, the Services PMI number is due on Friday, and that’s set to rise marginally. The services sector has always been a key factor for the UK’s economy and so it will be worthwhile keeping an eye out as this develops as it could yield some very interesting opportunities for traders.

For Asia, the key Chinese Manufacturing PMI figure is due out on Wednesday which will have a subsequent say upon the essential global markets. Meanwhile, in Japan the only particularly notable events occur on Tuesday when the Household Spending and Retail Sales figures are revealed.

Over to the US, and their economy has a more action-packed time ahead; eyes will be on the employment figures that’ll be out later in the week. At the centre of these is the non-farm payroll release which should carry a significant effect on various markets. Indeed, April’s figure is forecast to rise to 146k which is a substantial increase on previous months, though there is a good chance it could be higher due to the growth that’s occurred recently.

To finish off with some good news, it looks like the Employment figures are set to improve as the Unemployment Rate has fallen for the last two months – these figures come out Friday. While the markets are expecting it to remain at 7.6 per cent, given the recent improvement seen across both the unemployment rate and non-farm payrolls, there could be a fall of one per cent occurring.

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Trade Idea – Ebix

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From a technical stanpoint, this stock has room to run if it wants. Watching 18.

Disclaimer : Trading stocks involves risk, this information should not be viewed as trading recommendations. The charts provided here are not meant for investment purposes and only serve as technical example

Whale Communications

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Good morning Folks. I have been roaming through the internet these days and discovered that a lot of entrepreneurs are currently using the Internet to help them cure their financial woes. It is a really interesting phenomenon that people who would never even tell their best friend how much they make, are now spilling it all on the Internet about their real situation.

Everyone knows that there are many companies out there that help entrepreneurs bring in new customers. Some of them are good, others not so good. The point is, that bringing in new customer’s starts with having great marketing tools, therefore I would like to introduce you to Whale Communications. One company that provides services to companies wanting to acquire new business, retain current business and build referral business. Most industries have customers who are more important to the success of their business than others. If these people are such an important part of the business, if their lifetime value to the company is high, then they should be treated like the lynchpins they are. You want those customers to refer you to others and help bring you new customers. You want customers who are not key accounts now, to become key accounts down the road, so you need to work with them too. This is not only a sales function. It involves everyone in your company who connects with that customer every day. It needs to be coordinated and developed and they can help you with that.

Whale Communications has great marketing tools to help your business. They have recently included a segment on their site called “Sonar Moment” featuring excellent interviews with CEO’s from the Pacific Northwest. Some invaluable information can be heard here as each featured individual shares their personal experiences and resulting successes. Very inspirational and informative.

For their marketing tools you can see products here to read more about their services; here are some of the things they can do to help you grow your key accounts:

- Assess, develop and support the execution of a marketing communications plan for accounts with a high lifetime value for the company including:
cultivating existing relationships across accounts, reviewing the value proposition and marketing strategy for each account, identifying resources to support servicing these accounts, accommodating national and regional business goals within key accounts, reviewing and creating accountabilities within the organization that speak to key accounts
- Provide training to sales, frontline staff and others in building relationship channels to service those accounts.
- Coordinate matrix relationships between departments needed to service these accounts.
- Work with you to address issues like: your channels into the key account company, changes in key account ownership, new affiliations, current market share, opportunities for new growth, customers’ changing requirements, competitor strengths and weaknesses.
- Lead strategic planning meetings to promote business growth.

Take a look at this company and see what they offer; and don’t forget to check out the Sonar Moment Interviews; with a new interview featured each month; you can even be notified by e-mail when the next interview is ready for viewing!



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