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Web conferencing solutions

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Good morning folks !! Happy trading day !

Nowadays, many companies have already adopted web conferencing as an important way to communicate within their group and with their clients. In fact, web conferencing has become one of the most important business tools in current times. Basically, it is a virtual meeting conducted via the Web between two or more participants in different locations, creating a rich environment.

Text, audio and video can easily be used to communicate in real time. Currently, if you are looking in the market for conference calls unlimited / web Conferencing conference system or if you are just not satisfied with your current provider, let me to introduce you Zip Conferencing. They’re a premier provider of on-premise web conferencing that meet the needs of any organization. Zip Conferencing offers more conference call features than other teleconferencing providers. When you sign up for Zip Conferencing you will receive a dedicated toll free dial in access number and pass codes that are ready for immediate use for your phone conference calls. Each audio conference call has features that are accessible by the Moderator through their touch tone telephone or by logging into the call with their PC. Your online account also gives you the ability to customize your audio conferencing calls by setting how certain options work, like the entry and exit tones of your participants and whether the call ends when the Moderator exits the call.

If you’ve never considered web conferencing in your company, I highly encourage you to start seeing the benefits of this service. With Zip Conferencing you get all the same quality and features as other conference calling providers at a fraction of the cost. So go ahead and have a look. Save over 80% compared to other national
providers ! Cheers

Trade Idea – Zagg

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The stock closed up on Tuesday and should continue higher on Wednesday. The company reported earnings after the close and the market loved what they saw. ZAGG is trading up after hours and I expect it to gap open on Wednesday. I’m using the Jan 8th high of $7,95 as resistance.

Disclaimer : Trading stocks involves risk, this information should not be viewed as trading recommendations. The charts provided here are not meant for investment purposes and only serve as technical example

Gold coins

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As an enthusiast investor in the stock market and in make my money grow, some of my free time is divided to find different ways to diversify my investments, usually in secure and valuable forms. I know that like me, there are a lot people out there that use the same habitat to give more value to its portfolio. Due to this fact and if like to invest in gold coins, so I have the pleasure to present you a place called Golden Eagle Coins. They are a buy and sell market for gold coins and precious metals. If you’re looking for us gold coins, this website will help you find the best gold coin value in the existing market. So, if you’re a collector or a simple investor in this type of investments, you can grab this opportunity to find more about Golden Eagle Coins.

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