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Hello Folks !!! Is your child spending more time surfing on the web than doing school work? If so, there is a free application called Romaco Timeout! Romaco Timeout is very useful tool for parents, with this tool parents can restricting computer usage to specific amount of hours in a day. This application allows you to setup a password to unlock control panel to disable or change hours of quota for specific computer users. It works though the time, if the child spent more hours than the plafond the computer log out or shutdown once daily hours quota of use expires. Check this out!

Free Download: Romaco Timeout 1.1.8 (550.50KB)

Lighting Show place website

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Nowadays, there are so many places on the web selling decorative lighting products that it’s always difficult for us “consumers” to choose the best place for shopping. However there is one place that I like to visit when I need to buy some lighting product, its name is Lighting Show place .With a vast experience in this area Lighting Show place has a wide selection of bathroom lighting, Foyer Lighting, Kitchen Lighting and Outdoor Lighting name brands ready to ship at affordable prices, with 100% Low Price Guarantee. They offer different kinds of lightings ranging from traditional styles to the modern designs for your home. is definitively one of the best options to purchase high-quality light fixture at prices you can afford. Check this out !!!

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