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Learn Forex

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sc28.jpgGood Day !! Markets just finished the day with another strong movement, closing the week also extremely well. It was a great week for me. Everybody knows that I have a strong passion to invest in the stock Market, however the appetite for forex trading is very present in my daily life. I have been investing in the stock market and Forex for over 9 years, I suppose since 1998, and I can tell that it’s not easy job. To be a professional in this area, you need to have a lot of knowledge by reading financial books or even gathering some knowledge from financial sites. So, if you are a newbie or an “amateur” in this area and you are not familiar with many technical terms used by us, such MACD, CCI, RSI, Bullish, Bearish, Daily moving averages, and so on. Today, I have a pleasure to announce you, which has the purpose to teach all beginners to earn money by in investing currencies. After a quick research over their content and strategies of trading, I have to admit that they have something useful for beginners and professionals too. Learn Forex is not an easy task. Trading is all about discipline, determination and perseverance, but if you learn with the help of professionals, you’ll have a great advantage and will be well prepared for the “Jungle”. is really a good site for all forex traders, they provide different techniques to detect all Forex signals. Why not take a look at it and see the benefits of this service. I highly recommend my visitors that come here for the first time, to be careful in the investment that they make, Forex market is not a joke, is a serious place to invest, you can win but you can also loose. Be aware of these words!!! Good luck……I’m Bullish on $. I hope this information has been useful for you!!

Trade Idea – AAPLE

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                                                                   Chart courtesy of stockcharts

Aaple shares were up on 1.1% to 188.75 on Friday session. The stock has traded 21 million shares in a chopy session. AAPLE is getting a strong battle with the resistance at $190. Aaple shares have been consildating for weeks now, and may be ready to clear this base to new highs. The Technical chart above shows positive sign as the stock has been above 200-day moving average since mid April and has formed the golden cross earlier May. Golden cross is when 50 day MA cross on top over 200 MA and is a very bullish buy signal. Buy point on stock is when it breaks above $192.24. Let’s keep an eye on AAPLE.

Disclaimer : Trading stocks involves risk, this information should not be viewed as trading recommendations.The charts provided here are not meant for investment purposes and only serve as technical examples.

Villas in Majorca

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Hello Folks, as you know I’m a trader and blogger at the same time, so it’s normal have some time to write about the things that I love, especially about the awesome places where I usualy spend my vacations in family. Today I decided to write about Majorca. As one of the most popular holiday destinations in the Mediterranean, Majorca attracts over a million visitors every holiday season. Beach lovers everywhere seem to be drawn to the crystal blue waters, white beaches and intense cultural celebrations. It’s really enjoyable swimming in these crystalline and calm waters. Many people visit Majorca for the beaches; however Rural Majorca offers also an entirely unique holiday experience. The Island has good bars and great restaurants for all walks of life whether you are looking for quiet sit down or a crazy night out. Accommodations in Majorca include private villas and farmhouses. One famous place on the web where you can find majorca villas is, they have a wide range of villas to choose. They are a trusted company dedicated to the renting of villas in Majorca. Please browse the site and take a look at the villas that you are interested in. Enjoy your vacations in Majorca !!!! Viva Majorca……

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